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The following equipment is used by Regional Reports to enhance the quality of our reports and provides the most thorough inspection for our clients. 

Termatrac is a non destructive way of checking for termite activity within a wall cavity. Termatrac can detect termite activity within a solid wall structure (timber stud frame) and wall cavities (brick veneer construction) including: under kitchen cupboards, bath and shower voids. The current Australian Standard does not allow for chemical treatments under slabs unless it can be re-treated via a reticulation system every five years or the life of the chemical treatment. The most popular treatment to homes built from 2001 is a non chemical/physical termite barrier, with the concrete slab of a brick veneer home becoming part of the physical termite barrier. The plumbing penetration (plumbing pipes) is protected by plastic flanges or stainless steel mesh attached to the plumbing pipes. Termatrac (movement sensor) allows for these areas, that are situated in voids under cupboards, to be inspected in a non destructive and less intrusive method. For further information on Termatrac equipment click here

Thermal Imaging Cameras create an image based on thermal energy rather than natural light. When inspecting a property using the thermal imaging camera, the camera can indicate termite activity and damage, moisture problems in the structure and structural defects. These problems could easily be missed in a standard inspection and provides a more thorough and comprehensive inspection.The type of camera used by Regional Reports is a FLIR. FLIR is one of the world leaders in design and manufacture of thermal imaging cameras, for further information please click here

The moisture meter measures the moisture content within a wall or wall void and is used on internal walls of the property. Termites need moisture to survive and termite activity in a wall or wall cavity can increase the moisture content level in that area. The tapping stick or knocker is used to sound all accessible timbers, such as timber architraves, timber reveals around the windows and skirting boards.

A borescope is a high resolution digital camera on a flexible fibreoptic cable that sends an image to an LCD display at the operator’s end of the device. This allows for inspection into wall cavities in the least intrusive way. All that is needed is a 7 – 10 mm hole to pass the camera cable through, so that it can send images back to the LCD display. The inspector can investigate any suspicious areas picked up by the Termatrac or Thermal Imaging Camera such as dampness around wet area and movement found in the walls and cavities of the property.