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You may contact us either via phone or email. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have regarding a building or pest inspection and provide you with a quote on the cost and the availabilty of our inspector to conduct the inspections. Once you are satisfied with our service and wish to proceed, we will take your details, including the property address, your postal address, email address if you have one, telephone number and details of the real estate agent. Payment method will be requested which can be cheque, credit card, direct debit, cash or payment on site at the time of inspection.We will then contact the agent or vendor for you and organise access to the property and arrange the pick up of the keys. We will notify you of any change to the time of the inspection.

All inspections begin outside allowing the inspector to get an overview of how the property was constructed and if any extensions or alterations have been carried out. The exterior of the home, attached structures, roof surfaces (within safety guidelines) and accessible subfloor areas are inspected for structural integrity, deterioration, safety hazards and termite activity or damage. At the same time fencing, gardens, trees and out-buildings are inspected for termite damage/activity, borer damage and wood decay but also for structural soundness. (Some farm structures may be excluded from the building inspection in rural areas)

The internal walls and ceilings are inspected using the thermal imaging camera, moisture meter and termatrac. Accessible timbers are sounded using the tapping stick including window frames, door frames and skirting boards. The carpet edging is lifted in various places, mainly around wet areas (bathrooms and laundries) as this may reveal termite damage, termite activity or water damage. A thorough inspection is made in accessible parts of the roof void, again looking for structural soundness and conformance to current Australian building standards.

If the client has attended the inspection, the inspector will be happy to discuss any potential issues and show them the problem areas. This means the client can have a better understanding of any problems. The inspector does take photographs of any areas of concern and these become part of the report. If the client is unable to attend the inspection, the inspector will make contact by phone to discuss any issues that may be in the report. The report is then finalised on the next business day and will be sent to the client via email or Australia Post as requested, once payment has been completed. Please feel free to contact the inspector who carried out this inspection. Often it is very difficult to fully explain situations, problems, access difficulties, building faults or their importance in a manner that is readily understandable by the reader. Should you have any difficulty in understanding anything contained within this report then you should immediately contact the inspector and have the matter explained to you. If you have any questions at all or require any clarification then contact the inspector prior to acting on this report.